Monday, January 29, 2018

Alliance Update: OicX Marks the Spot

Greetings stalwart defenders of freedom, I bring you good news!

Thanks to your great effort in beating the incoming nullsec group ‘Cloaked Goofs’ at their own game, our Sky Admiral Kontra accepted their surrender, and promise to end future hostilities. We have proven our worth not only as an Alliance but as a sov holding organization, able to defend against incoming threats and requiring the combined armies of 3 alliances to turn us away.

However, in a way, this has been a distraction from our real cause. As we celebrate our victories in Cloud Ring, our true enemies grow in strength and boldness. Our Russian corp, 17th Squadron, has been monitoring an increasingly dire situation. In spite of our ongoing pressure, the State has managed to secure Oicx as a fortress and staging point for incursions into our southern region.

In the past, we have struck deep into the northern territories, which has been a wonderful show of force, but hard to follow up on. Instead, we want to bring FEDUPs banner once again under a common cause. We will strike hard and firm against Oicx and root out the Squid infestation there. It will not be easy, the last time we fought the combined might of the State. We expect similar resistance, and so have made this a grand affair! Success will allow the 17th to defend our Western flank and secure our holdings.

Ring the gongs! Rally the troops! The Federation returns to war!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Command Update:

As the year YC 119 comes to a close, it seems most proper for us to look at the collection of what we have become, and what we have to do. At the start of this year, the dream of FEDUP was only just beginning. Now, we are the largest alliance in Faction Warfare and are quickly becoming one of the places to be for EVE Online.

Your actions have brought freedom to all those south of Intaki, and your continue work keeps billions of baseliners safe from State influence. With the rise of lifeblood, we have seen a dramatic increase in industrial opportunities, including moon mining, construction, and supply for our warfront. We have strived to provide our membership with purpose, and in doing so have seen a drive forward rarely seen.

The State remains mostly broken, but we remain vigilant. Now is a time for us to perfect our process, and strengthen our bonds. We will exert our influence around the map to both ensure dominance over our enemies, but also to ensure readiness within the fleet. In addition, we are restructuring our military forces to ensure clear leadership and stable direction for all our members. More information about this in the SOTA by our Admiral, Kontra.

The LP buyback program turns your LP into easy cash. To keep up with demand, and to simplify the process, our buyback manager Jay Kuhn has requested Vexor Navy Issue blueprints only for the month of December. Members are also encouraged to learn more about how to maximize their LP personally. For more information, or for any questions about how to turn your LP into ISK, please ask in the #find-your-purpose channel in Discord.

Our industrial program remains strong and has added to it Reactions thanks to the changes in Lifeblood. Industry is a quick and easy way to turn your SP into a steady paycheck, knowing well that your ammo, ships, and modules are arming our warriors, and by building our industrial complex you making FEDUP strong. Remember: ISK spent on goods built by us only increases our strength. Build local, buy local. If you have any questions about how to engage with our industry program, speak to Andre. Likewise, if you want to get involved in the Reactions gravy train, talk to Pragantis.

Regular mining fleets are now occurring at least once a week to exploit the profitable moons in our area. Earning ISK while building comradery within the fleet makes this activity important for our overall goals, and those who have done it report that the increased excitement and danger of our low-sec operations increase engagement and reward. Both miners and defenders are needed, contact Blastil for more information.

Planetary Interaction only continues to be increasingly important as time goes on, and a great resource for passive income. We need fuel, and our planets give us valuable resources that keep our structures running! We have PI available in Fliet, as well as our null pocket.

Speaking of null pockets, we still have one! Our home away from home in cloud ring has gotten pretty nice, and there are ample opportunities that abound in our null region. Mining, ratting, industry, and PI are all extra profitable in the pocket. In addition, we have good contacts that buy up all the gas we can huff. The gas in our region is key to interested parties, and it is important that we huff it before anyone else can sneak in and get it! For more information about our null pocket, please contact Silver.

We don’t just operate in null, but also in high-sec now! Keltorin Roe’s corporation Malevelon Roe is up and running helping new pilots figure out missions, Resource Wars, and in general get their feet under them. This group helps continue our engagement with new recruits and helps give back to the overall EVE community. Please contact Keltorin if you want to get involved!

Finally, over in propaganda, I had a little contest for people to make a video off of an audio clip I made. We had two contenders and we need you to vote on which video should ultimately represent us in our propaganda.

Video one

Video two

Please Vote!

So let's finish this year strong, and rededicate outselves to our mission of securing the warzone in YC120. As always it is an honor to fly with you all.

  • Ash

Thursday, September 14, 2017

FEDUP is Triumphant!

What started as a simple field exercise into null security has rapidly escalated into full blown occupation and liberation. As many of you know, thanks to your outstanding efforts, as well as the support of our allies, FEDUP now owns the Assilot constellation in Cloud Ring. With this new territory comes new opportunities, and new challenges. For example, you have been seeing more pings in the main channel. We wanted content, and now we got it. It is up to you to continue to show up, remain motivated, and recruit others. I truly feel we have something good going on here in FEDUP, and I remain committed to bringing our message of fun gameplay of EVE through the lens of service to the Federation to as many as are willing to be a part of our community.

We have a new alt alliance: Intaki Quartermaster Auxiliary Corps [AUXUP]. This alliance functions as a container for all major FEDUP operations that is not part of the active Faction War. This includes our ratting and mining corporations. If you have interest in getting involved with AUXUP contact your leadership in #find-your-purpose.

In a similar vein, our former military director Blastil has returned with a hunger for ‘roids. He is taking over AASPC, the corporation that up until this point has managed our POS reaction farm. With that being phased out this corporation will be repurposed as our mining arm, under Blastil’s command. We already have several refineries purchased, and will have ever growing opportunities for those who enjoy the sound of mining lasers.  

***********CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT*******************************

With all that said, we now need more people! We have an expansion coming, and some of the best content in New Eden. So a recruitment drive! To participate do the following:

  • Make an instant invite that doesn’t expire that links to the public lobby. If you already have one, keep using the one you have
  • Make or commission recruitment posters, videos, anything and use your Discord link.
  • Don’t cheat or try to trick people who are not candidates into clicking a link to get credit.

The top recruiters will each be etched in FEDUP history and honored by the naming of one of our new refineries. On top of this, the winner will be rewarded with 1000 PLEX!

If you are interested in being a full time recruiter, please speak up in #find-your-purpose.

A reminder of the many services we provide to all FEDUP members.

  • LP Buyback program (some corps have their own buyback, contact your CEO first)
    • Remember you can change that hard earned LP into spendable ISK. Send Jay Kuhn a message in game for details.
    • The current rate is now 1100 ISK per LP.  1000 LP = 1.1M ISK.
    • Accepting LP sums up to 500k at a time.
    • Last month over 3M LP was exchanged through the program for ISK.
    • There are also guides now for how to do L3 and L4 missions.
  • PI Buyback program - Buy orders in Tico (Zouren Mamba builds our fuel blocks and needs more PI to fuel our many structures) and access to all of our free planets.
    • Most PI items are on tico buy orders for your convenience.
    • If you make any of these items, and they are not listed as buy in Tico, contact Zouren Mamba direct.
      • Robotics
      • Oxygen
      • Coolant
      • Mechanical Parts
      • Enriched Uranium
    • All Items Zouren places on Buy Back are a little more than Jita buy, so a very little margin of profit is made
    • Also on top of the PI products, Zouren also has a need for ICE products.
      • Heavy Water
      • Liquid Ozone
      • Strontium Clathrates
      • Oxygen Isotopes
    • Ice products at this time are not on Tico buy.  Please contact Zouren via eve mail with quantity and you will be quoted a fair price
  • Discounted hauling of combat equipment into the warzone and null base
  • Always active membership on Discord willing to answer questions or team up for activities
  • BPOs that can be freely copied for basically everything except capitals
  • Opportunities to help the Alliance and make ISK too (see #find-your-purpose on Discord)

Monday, May 15, 2017

May YC119 Update - Spawn More Overloards

Greetings troops!

When we last left off we were ramping up for Operation Sunbeam. This Operation was one of the most ambitious inter-war zone maneuver the Gallente have ever attempted. We underwent Operation Sunbeam in order to solve a growing problem. If the Caldari fail to represent a sizable foe, will we have content for you? In addition, this month we learned from CCP that they have no plans for lowsec or FW changes. Our allies in CCP for FW affairs have been moved to other projects.

Because of this we have decided to change our mission. We can no longer believe that the rest of FW will scale up with our ambitions, and thus it seems inevitable we may dominate our enemies once again. I believe it is vitally important that we learn the lessons of our past and refuse to allow that to distract us from our cause. To this effect, we have decided that our new objective is nothing short of complete control of both war zones. We have proven that we can abuse the current plexing mechanics by capturing a high tier in our warzone, and then actively plex both war zones for unbelievable amounts of LP.

I don’t think this plan is unreasonable, our strength grows literally daily. This month saw many first for our combat operations, and we are clearly taking our position in the overall Lowsec political meta. Operation Sunbeam was an important piece to this as we were able to test several theories, and work with our Minmatar allies. One lesson learned was the increased need for extra alts on alpha accounts. The ability to position in various places, as well as having alts in the Minmatar Militia, allows us additional flexibility for our operations.

A Return Home - A Call to Action

So now we return home, and just in time the State has started causing some light problems in OMS. This has been more an opportunity for great content than any real threat, but we are taking this pause as an time to take our breath and flesh ourselves out as an Alliance. Membership are still encouraged to actively fleet up, hunt and plex, but there is no major strategic goals beyond preventing the OMS incursion from getting out of hand, and members should feel encouraged to try out other aspects of the game, including PvE activities, preferably with fellow members of FEDUP. We have programs available in the channels in our Discord.

Unfortunately, we have had several high ranking members retire, leaving some of our services critically understaffed. Now is the time for members who have a firm footing as to what they are doing now to step up and help with some of our tasks that help keep this engine running. We have included a series of job listings below.

Even more regrettably, part of this strong need is predicated on the detection, and removal of our first double agent. While VIRUS has been a good member to us, it has become clear that ACTEE is turning over in leadership, and that VIRUS has decided his loyalty rests with them instead of us. After receiving a confession to this effect, he has had all roles removed. Nothing was taken and no infrastructure was disrupted. However, it does mean we need a new XO, among other key positions.

Job Listings


The Executive Officer (XO) of a corp is the guy who makes sure all the supplies are in the right place. As XO your job will be to maintain records of current corporation supplies, and coordinate with the Industrial teams and FCs to ensure the bullets are where our boys need them.

Fleet Commander (EU)

We are looking to continue to grow our EU support, but we need people to function as a catalyst. Even a Jr FC in the EU timezone can make sure we have a fleet up, and people out and active. We provide basic ships and supplies for FCs who may not feel up to asking their pilots to risk expensive equipment. You will function as an integral part of our growing EU leadership, with promotional possibilities to even higher command.

LP Buyback Manager

Players need to sell their LP and change it for ISK. The buyback manager maintains a spreadsheet that informs them of the correct thing to buy/build. When players email you, you tell them what to buy and provide the starting isk. Once they give you the BPCs or materials you build/sell for profit. You are authorized to keep up to 10% profit for your trouble.


The HR manager is the backbone of the corp recruitment process. They find, recruit, and lead a team of recruiters for the growth and development of the corp. They must be able to interact with others and build strong relationships both in game and out of game. The HR personnel should be trustworthy and able to act as a liaison between member issues and the corp directorship.

Fuel Manager:

One of our strategic goals is to harvest and build all Fuel blocks in house. This role buys the PI/Ice products to build the fuel blocks and builds them for our various structures. BPO/BPCs can be provided. You charge/pay Jita prices and keep any profits. Coordinate with the PI and the Ice mining teams for supplies or simply use the market buy orders.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FEDUP Command Update YC119.4.11 - Operation Sunbeam

Greetings troops!

This is my first update since joining FEDUP, but boy have we been active.


Our Discord server is working better than ever. We now have two devs working (very-part time) on Discord functionality. All members are expected to go through the registration process:

Additionally, you can join and leave channels now. Three new commands have been added:
!channels shows all channels
!join <channel name> joins a channel
!leave <channel name> leaves a channel

Please use #access-requests channel for these commands.

Recruitment and Membership

With our Alliance fully formed, we need members to fill in our ranks. We need people willing to process new recruits, as well as those willing to help the propaganda department push the corporations agendas and recruitment efforts. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact Ashterothi.

In addition, we may also be shifting people around. We want each corporation in FEDUP to have a strong corporate identity as well as a Alliance mission. We plan to be moving people between corporations in the next while to ensure everyone has the strength and capabilities they need. If you feel that there is a corporation in FEDUP that would be a better home, please bring it up to your command, it will not be seen in a negative light.

Warzone Control and Data Visualization

In addition to our bot devs, we also picked up CRYRS, whose members are exceptional web devs. Their first public offering This allows us to monitor the warzone moment by moment like never before.

As you can see clearly, our objective of taking and holding the southern warzone has been completed, congratulations to all. All people south of Intaki now hold their freedom thanks to your service.

Citadel (and Caldari) Destruction

As it turns out we have gotten very good at killing structures, which is very handy given their importance in the modern EVE. So far the highlight has been the night that we killed two at the same time, part of a larger effort to destroy three Caldari citadels at the same time.

Because of this, and our successful reclaiming of the south, we have a much more subdued Caldari State. This brings up it’s own unique challenges. A Galmil that owns the warzone is a Galmil that ends up getting in trouble, both with themselves, and their neighbors. We have to not only prepare to struggle and fight, but also what to do if we conquer. Our enemy is already struggling to keep up with us, and we are only going to get bigger and stronger.

Operation Sunbeam

Thus, we now announce Operation Sunbeam. We will be launching a two week training incursion into Amarr space. Our goal is to do as much damage to the Amarr infrastructure as we can, but mostly to align ourselves with our Matari allies, and to assess our enemies capabilities.

The objective is to bring ourselves to readiness so that when we conquer the Cal/Gal warzone, we can then make history in launching the very first successful inter-warzone effort. We are not suggesting that every step of the way will be smooth, or even that this goal is obtainable, but we know that our organization will only thrive with clear, ambitious goals, along with dedicated and clever troops in the sky.

The success of Operation Sunbeam will be a key part of our future plans, CCP has made clear that they are uninterested in devoting time to changing lowsec and FW, so we can be confident the rules will remain the same until we force them to change it. Because of this, we can take much bolder moves, and with each of your help we can perhaps not just bring glory to the Federation, but forever etch our names in the stars.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Aideron Robotics Command Update YC119.2.20

Corp meeting recording YC119.2.19
Greetings fellow corp-mates,

It has been a significant couple of weeks. We successfully assaulted and destroyed an Astrahus Citadel anchoring in a friendly home system, we have successfully continued to hold our key expansions to below thresholds, and we have managed to destroy 61 billion isk already this month, and continue to maintain over 200 active membership even after our purge at the beginning of the month, which removed 68 members for inactivity.

Operation Chowdah continues and not only have we managed to maintain our target systems, but we have also assisted in the reclaiming of several key systems. Our military forces are stronger than ever and thousands of contracts are being processed to get you the equipment you need to stay in the fight. Thanks to your efforts, Gimli will be awarding over 40 members with our new campaign medal.

Additionally, our enemies are having an increased problem maintaining their momentum. EE, a current strong ally of the State, has been recently in the news thanks to large disruptions within their organization. During our take of Loes EE formed to help stop us not once but four times. Ultimately the forces of the Federation prevailed, with your help, and hopefully our enemies have learned that pirates are ineffective in such endeavors, and we hope to take that lesson and expand upon it.

Industrially, our program is stronger than ever, our industrial leader Andre is hard at work ensuring we have the blueprints and minerals needed to serve all of our T1 hull needs within our local area. Now that this standard is in place, we have implemented a “no T1 hulls” policy for CFO. If you need hulls, please put up orders in Ticonderoga, instead of overwhelming our hauling services. As always: materials, modules, and T2 ships can be hauled by CFO, standard rules apply.

Now that T1 hulls are taken care of, our next industrial goal is to service our high fuel needs. All materials required to build the fuel blocks necessary for our various structures can be harvested in Fliet and surrounding systems. The most important part of the equation at this point is Enriched Uranium, Coolant, Oxygen, and Mechanical Parts, all extractable PI from our planets. I encourage anyone with spare PI capabilities to help the effort, and earn ~10 million ISK a day passively.

Historically, POCOs have been a sign of Aideron’s strength, and it is time to try to take the ones in Deven again. This is likely to upset Shadow Cartel, however they are already hostile to us. The goal is to expand our POCO empire, increase our isk flow, and demonstrate dominance over the region.

I know I have not been around a lot in game, and a lot of this has to do with the fact that I am working on new tools for us. As many have seen we have a new bot in Discord which is hopefully the start of a corp/charactor management tool for Discord. For now the functionality is limited, and untested, and I appreciate any debugging and patience anyone gives. The goal is to automate our security protocols and allow our members better access to the power of the EVE API.

On the subject of Discord, I have finished the first draft of the Aideron Robotics Communications Policy for Discord (AR-106-10).

We have had some concerns with our behaviors with wardecs, and our relationship with ACTEE. There really are two concerns. The first is that we have members mining in highsec away from ACTEE, and thus becoming victim to our wardecs targets. This is causing the wars to be prolonged for ACTEE which is the opposite of our intent with our intervention. I would ask that everyone be mindful that you are in a corp in perpetual war, and use an alt to mine if you are doing so without the protection organization provides.

Additionally, ACTEE leadership has expressed concerns about members using their corp as simply a place to stick an alt and mine. Our allies are every bit as organized as us, and take their efforts seriously. I would ask that you maintain Drakes standards for membership, and be a good member of the team with any alts in ACTEE. We can have our own mining alt corp if that is what is needed.

Finally, I would like to announce the initiation of “Project Emerald Curtain”. The goal of this project is to provide a non-stop stable plex fleet and a system for anyone to become a member of galmil, plex, and get paid. Our free ships and LP programs provide the backbone, and our membership now have enough general plexing knowledge that a full fledged FC is not always necessary. The goal is to create an SOP to remove any friction for those who wish to help, and then advertise our project as the place to do small gang PvP and get paid. You all have enjoyed the fantastic programs we have to offer, and it is time to open it up to the world.

Targeted goals:

  • Continue securing the southern warzone
  • Ensure all fuel blocks needed for Citadels and EC are produced locally
  • Engage with the militia and get players engaged
  • Secure Devens POCOs

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Aideron YC119.1.11 Update - Azbel Online!


Greetings fellow group mates and once again I come to you with great news! As of 2020 NEST on Monday, January 9th YC 119 Aideron Robotics successfully onlined our Azbel Engineering Complex. This, along with the previous anchoring of XMETA’s Fortizar, has greatly increased our capabilities, defensibly, and truly brought truth to the expression ‘Fortress Fliet’. Most of all this also enables us to begin doing our industry in system, specifically the production of capitals.

Make no mistake, this is a move that has been watched by both allies, and enemies, and the time will come where we will need to defend our home. It is the duty of all that bear the AIDER tag to hold the line when that day comes.


While I cannot thank enough all of those who have helped take Aideron from a skeleton corp, to the powerhouse it is growing to be, there are two individuals who have recently stepped up to take on positions of leadership within our corp.

Charun Rynnaw - One of the fastest up-and-comer since Ascension Charun hails from a null background. Originally finding us out of chance, he became curious of our ambition, and now it is safe to say he is wrapped up in it fully. Recently promoted to Director of external affairs, it is clear that his efforts transcend that position. That is why I am promoting him to COO (Chief Operations Officer) the same title I held under Marcel. In this position, he will be overseeing the operations of the corp, and will answer only to me. I firmly believe that Charun is the right hand man I have been searching for, and am proud to have him by my side.

GimlitheDestroyer Durin - Gimli has been a member of Aideron for about a year, and in that time has been a valuable member to the team as a pilot, and as a recruiter. I am happy to say that he has accepted the position as HR Director, and in this position will work to best advocate and work for you. Over the next few weeks he will be getting to know as many members of our find corporation as possible. If you have any questions comments or concerns about your life in Aideron, Gimli will be there to hear and to help.

He is also actively recruiting assistance, herding cats takes several hands.

Jr. FC program - Gimli has also initiated a program called the “Jr. FC Program” designed to allow members interested in trying this role within fleets the ability to gain opportunity and education with minimal risk. We already have a couple of members interested in exploring this program, and hope that it will increase our coverage, and opportunities for all of our membership.

Other Movements

While our military efforts have been a resounding success, and much because of the efforts of our Military Commander Blastil, unfortunately real life prevents him from continuing to fill this role for us. When Blastil accepted this position we were still a corp with roughly 15 active players total and my crazy vision for Ascension. Since then we have ballooned into daily operations, across nearly all timezones, frequently in several locations throughout the warzone.

What this does mean is, as always, Aideron is in need for military leaderships. If you are interested in being an FC, please contact me or Gimli ASAP. In the meantime the Blastil will continue as an FC, and I will take over as functioning military leader.

Operation Shark Fin Soup

After the fall of Vlill, the focus of Aideron Robotics has become the securing of the southern warzone. As such we have chosen three locations to allow us to best project our forces within the south. These systems are our capital of Fliet, and satellites Ouelletta and Ostingele. Operation Shark Fin Soup was initiated last week by Gimli to secure these locations. Phase one, stabilize Ostingele is now complete, and it is time to focus a bit on Ouelletta.

The secondary objective of this operation is to seek out and befriend those loyal to the Federation, who may wish to function as occupants and defenders of these key locations. This operation is ongoing.

All that said, Deven is currently under pressure, and should be stomped down. An enemy foothold in Deven would be very unfortunate, and securing our perimeter should be a high priority. If you receive meaningful opposition, please use Discord to call allies whenever possible.

Aideron LP Exchange

The exchange rate is currently 1200 isk/lp + 100% refund on store fees.

There are no hard numbers for “Total LP exchanged”, but since inception the Exchange has placed 4.7 billion isk into pilot’s hands (this includes the store fees).
A conservative estimate would be that pilots have gained ~3.5 billion isk after accounting for the fee refund, though this is highly dependent on the items exchanged. Store fees refunded could account for anywhere between 2.3 billion (half the total isk handed out) and 360 million.

With this Occator purchased and GalMil still in Tier 1, the hope is to continue increasing the exchange rate. Any changes will be announced through the in-game channel “Aideron LP Exchange” and #Broadcasts.

As a reminder, price quotes are not indefinitely valid, though usually the market will not shift enough to invalidate a quote within a reasonable time-frame.

Future Operations

With the Azbel and Fortizar now online, we have markets that are protected from enemy manipulation. While we were hesitant to move the main operations of Aideron to the Fortizar due to key bugs in the structure contracting system, we believe that those problems will be resolved in the re-deploy of the 119.1 patch. Assuming that goes well, all major operations of Aideron will be moving to the Fortizar Ticonderoga and our other structures.

Expect to see even more structure support in the weeks and months to come. These new assets have become key to our success and opportunities, and already many are jumping on just those opportunities. Andre has been hard at work stabilizing a system of industry, and we continue to work to attract as many ore sellers as possible to our system.

ACTEE continues to be a strong ally of ours, and a leader in the stability of the Actee highsec pocket. As such I encourage all members who are interested in mining efforts to place an alt in their corporation. Remember a bullet built by ACTEE is a bullet in our guns.