Monday, May 15, 2017

May YC119 Update - Spawn More Overloards

Greetings troops!

When we last left off we were ramping up for Operation Sunbeam. This Operation was one of the most ambitious inter-war zone maneuver the Gallente have ever attempted. We underwent Operation Sunbeam in order to solve a growing problem. If the Caldari fail to represent a sizable foe, will we have content for you? In addition, this month we learned from CCP that they have no plans for lowsec or FW changes. Our allies in CCP for FW affairs have been moved to other projects.

Because of this we have decided to change our mission. We can no longer believe that the rest of FW will scale up with our ambitions, and thus it seems inevitable we may dominate our enemies once again. I believe it is vitally important that we learn the lessons of our past and refuse to allow that to distract us from our cause. To this effect, we have decided that our new objective is nothing short of complete control of both war zones. We have proven that we can abuse the current plexing mechanics by capturing a high tier in our warzone, and then actively plex both war zones for unbelievable amounts of LP.

I don’t think this plan is unreasonable, our strength grows literally daily. This month saw many first for our combat operations, and we are clearly taking our position in the overall Lowsec political meta. Operation Sunbeam was an important piece to this as we were able to test several theories, and work with our Minmatar allies. One lesson learned was the increased need for extra alts on alpha accounts. The ability to position in various places, as well as having alts in the Minmatar Militia, allows us additional flexibility for our operations.

A Return Home - A Call to Action

So now we return home, and just in time the State has started causing some light problems in OMS. This has been more an opportunity for great content than any real threat, but we are taking this pause as an time to take our breath and flesh ourselves out as an Alliance. Membership are still encouraged to actively fleet up, hunt and plex, but there is no major strategic goals beyond preventing the OMS incursion from getting out of hand, and members should feel encouraged to try out other aspects of the game, including PvE activities, preferably with fellow members of FEDUP. We have programs available in the channels in our Discord.

Unfortunately, we have had several high ranking members retire, leaving some of our services critically understaffed. Now is the time for members who have a firm footing as to what they are doing now to step up and help with some of our tasks that help keep this engine running. We have included a series of job listings below.

Even more regrettably, part of this strong need is predicated on the detection, and removal of our first double agent. While VIRUS has been a good member to us, it has become clear that ACTEE is turning over in leadership, and that VIRUS has decided his loyalty rests with them instead of us. After receiving a confession to this effect, he has had all roles removed. Nothing was taken and no infrastructure was disrupted. However, it does mean we need a new XO, among other key positions.

Job Listings


The Executive Officer (XO) of a corp is the guy who makes sure all the supplies are in the right place. As XO your job will be to maintain records of current corporation supplies, and coordinate with the Industrial teams and FCs to ensure the bullets are where our boys need them.

Fleet Commander (EU)

We are looking to continue to grow our EU support, but we need people to function as a catalyst. Even a Jr FC in the EU timezone can make sure we have a fleet up, and people out and active. We provide basic ships and supplies for FCs who may not feel up to asking their pilots to risk expensive equipment. You will function as an integral part of our growing EU leadership, with promotional possibilities to even higher command.

LP Buyback Manager

Players need to sell their LP and change it for ISK. The buyback manager maintains a spreadsheet that informs them of the correct thing to buy/build. When players email you, you tell them what to buy and provide the starting isk. Once they give you the BPCs or materials you build/sell for profit. You are authorized to keep up to 10% profit for your trouble.


The HR manager is the backbone of the corp recruitment process. They find, recruit, and lead a team of recruiters for the growth and development of the corp. They must be able to interact with others and build strong relationships both in game and out of game. The HR personnel should be trustworthy and able to act as a liaison between member issues and the corp directorship.

Fuel Manager:

One of our strategic goals is to harvest and build all Fuel blocks in house. This role buys the PI/Ice products to build the fuel blocks and builds them for our various structures. BPO/BPCs can be provided. You charge/pay Jita prices and keep any profits. Coordinate with the PI and the Ice mining teams for supplies or simply use the market buy orders.