Friday, July 29, 2016

The Purge

Hopefully this comes to no surprise to anyone, but the corp is about to get a whole bunch smaller.

For the last month we have been reminding people to add their API keys to our new website On the first, we shall purge!

Basically if you don't have your key in by the 1st, don't expect to be in the corp by the 2nd. Now we are happy to work with everyone to get them in and set up, but really you have had a whole month. People who are AFK from the game can obviously come back as soon as they give us a key.

After the purge we will assess what we have. The goal is to go from a corp of people who barely know each other, in a relatively faceless organization, to a tight knit group of fighters and builders within New Eden. It is hard to commit to friends who are not committed themselves, and it is time to ensure that this corp is not only the number of members we have, but built from the membership itself.

We will be holding a corp meeting on the 7th instead of Kiriths fleet, and all members are encouraged to come. This will be post purge, and thus will be a time for strategy, formation, and fun. To celebrate all of this we will be bringing in tons of rinzlers and hosting a FFA complete with prizes after the meeting.

We have been working for over two months to rebuild this corp, and now it is time to take it to the next level, and we can only do this if our membership consists of those who are dialed into our organization. I look forward to it.