Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aideron Update 10.118

Greeting Aideron! Let me Begin by announcing that I am officially the CEO of the corporation. Woot \o/

And thank you all for making my rise to power so enjoyable, and celebrating it! You guys are totally awesome!

These are terrifically exciting times for us, new enemies and new possibilities stretch out before us. While we are not as active as we were during our Heyday, the corporation has been showing great signs of life, and has received many recognition from our allies.

As you may be aware, November’s ‘Ascension’ expansion is coming on November 8th. This is less than a month away. With this comes huge changes to the game, and I am excited about the possibilities that come from it.

With a new age, comes new direction, and while the corporation is going to fundamentally stay the same as it always has been, I believe that some changes and new projects will help advance us in the upcoming months.

A new Aideron Robotics
With the upcoming November expansion, we are in an excellent position to leverage the changes coming. As such we have a new identity for our corp as the “premier source  for Gallente Alpha clones to be successful and get content.” By focusing our efforts on only Gallente Alpha clones, we can facilitate them effectively, and ensure that they are valuable to us within our primary doctrines.

From the CSM minutes we know that the new player experience being added in November will push new players to Faction Warfare. This is of course a gigantic boon to us, as long as we are prepared to leverage it. We have just over one month to get the corporation in as good enough shape as we can before we begin adding potentially large numbers of new members to our ranks.

Being Industrious
One big step that we plan on taking soon is supporting our basic industry functions. We have a high-sec pocket directly next door, and it's high time that we begin to leverage this effectively. We already have basic industrial support, and we'll be looking into getting an engineering complex in November. In addition we are also becoming close allies with the Corp ACTEE. These guys are our friendly Neighbors, and we have taken the first steps towards a proud alliance in coming to their aid this week when they were wardecced. Our actions were deeply moving to them, and we have begun discussion about a partnership, and the potential of such. While our goals are different, they are mutually synergistic. Hopefully I will have more to share on this soon.

For those who are interested please join our industry channels and try to get an alt in our industrial corporations.

Activity standards in the Corp
One of the biggest changes is a new requirement on activity within the Corp. Simply stated, at the beginning of each month we will be removing any member who has not been active within the previous month. The goal of this is to ensure that our membership list is truly representational of our active player base. Of course any members who are removed for this can rejoin without hesitation whenever they become active again. This is not meant as a punishment for inactive people but rather allows us to create a corporation that is effective, and a good place for those people to come back to.

The primary impetus for this change is the addition of alpha clones. Given that having an inactive account is no longer a thing, we must take additional steps to ensure that our Corporation properly reflects our activity levels.

Our place in the Warzone
The last several months has seen a great uptick in our activities, including the support of the militia at large. Additionally when our structures came under attack, we actually saw a response from our allies like we have never seen before. This is very encouraging and the militia is pulling together in anticipation of November. I encourage all members to join the militia slack channels and we will continue to support militia efforts as much as possible.

The state is also preparing for November. However, our fantastically successful assault on Okkamon has left their leadership largely scattered. While victory is a primary goal, having no cohesive opponent isn't the best place to be. As such, the militia is thinking about picking fights with pirates long enough for the state to reform. Expect to hear more on those fronts in the future.

Snuff recently moved in next door. While this has been a challenge, we, along with our allies, have been so far successful defending our assets from them. We are hoping to create a long term solution to deal with this, and expanding our POCOs in Fliet and Deven is still a high level goal.

A Time for War
I am pleased to announce that our capabilities to attack have been greatly increased. Primarily and thanks to Billy, we now have deployment packs, roughly two billion isk in small ships, ready to be deployed at any time. What this means is our future attacks will be much more coordinated and we are building standard operating procedures for various military maneuvers. As a reminder, our core military leadership team still has positions open. If you are interested in helping fill them, please contact Blastil.

Getting our name out there

If we are going to make a name for ourselves for Alpha clones we need to have good training material, and propaganda. I am placing 2 billion isk into a fund to help pay for the production of such things, if you are creatively inclined please see our propaganda channel in Slack.