Monday, February 20, 2017

Aideron Robotics Command Update YC119.2.20

Corp meeting recording YC119.2.19
Greetings fellow corp-mates,

It has been a significant couple of weeks. We successfully assaulted and destroyed an Astrahus Citadel anchoring in a friendly home system, we have successfully continued to hold our key expansions to below thresholds, and we have managed to destroy 61 billion isk already this month, and continue to maintain over 200 active membership even after our purge at the beginning of the month, which removed 68 members for inactivity.

Operation Chowdah continues and not only have we managed to maintain our target systems, but we have also assisted in the reclaiming of several key systems. Our military forces are stronger than ever and thousands of contracts are being processed to get you the equipment you need to stay in the fight. Thanks to your efforts, Gimli will be awarding over 40 members with our new campaign medal.

Additionally, our enemies are having an increased problem maintaining their momentum. EE, a current strong ally of the State, has been recently in the news thanks to large disruptions within their organization. During our take of Loes EE formed to help stop us not once but four times. Ultimately the forces of the Federation prevailed, with your help, and hopefully our enemies have learned that pirates are ineffective in such endeavors, and we hope to take that lesson and expand upon it.

Industrially, our program is stronger than ever, our industrial leader Andre is hard at work ensuring we have the blueprints and minerals needed to serve all of our T1 hull needs within our local area. Now that this standard is in place, we have implemented a “no T1 hulls” policy for CFO. If you need hulls, please put up orders in Ticonderoga, instead of overwhelming our hauling services. As always: materials, modules, and T2 ships can be hauled by CFO, standard rules apply.

Now that T1 hulls are taken care of, our next industrial goal is to service our high fuel needs. All materials required to build the fuel blocks necessary for our various structures can be harvested in Fliet and surrounding systems. The most important part of the equation at this point is Enriched Uranium, Coolant, Oxygen, and Mechanical Parts, all extractable PI from our planets. I encourage anyone with spare PI capabilities to help the effort, and earn ~10 million ISK a day passively.

Historically, POCOs have been a sign of Aideron’s strength, and it is time to try to take the ones in Deven again. This is likely to upset Shadow Cartel, however they are already hostile to us. The goal is to expand our POCO empire, increase our isk flow, and demonstrate dominance over the region.

I know I have not been around a lot in game, and a lot of this has to do with the fact that I am working on new tools for us. As many have seen we have a new bot in Discord which is hopefully the start of a corp/charactor management tool for Discord. For now the functionality is limited, and untested, and I appreciate any debugging and patience anyone gives. The goal is to automate our security protocols and allow our members better access to the power of the EVE API.

On the subject of Discord, I have finished the first draft of the Aideron Robotics Communications Policy for Discord (AR-106-10).

We have had some concerns with our behaviors with wardecs, and our relationship with ACTEE. There really are two concerns. The first is that we have members mining in highsec away from ACTEE, and thus becoming victim to our wardecs targets. This is causing the wars to be prolonged for ACTEE which is the opposite of our intent with our intervention. I would ask that everyone be mindful that you are in a corp in perpetual war, and use an alt to mine if you are doing so without the protection organization provides.

Additionally, ACTEE leadership has expressed concerns about members using their corp as simply a place to stick an alt and mine. Our allies are every bit as organized as us, and take their efforts seriously. I would ask that you maintain Drakes standards for membership, and be a good member of the team with any alts in ACTEE. We can have our own mining alt corp if that is what is needed.

Finally, I would like to announce the initiation of “Project Emerald Curtain”. The goal of this project is to provide a non-stop stable plex fleet and a system for anyone to become a member of galmil, plex, and get paid. Our free ships and LP programs provide the backbone, and our membership now have enough general plexing knowledge that a full fledged FC is not always necessary. The goal is to create an SOP to remove any friction for those who wish to help, and then advertise our project as the place to do small gang PvP and get paid. You all have enjoyed the fantastic programs we have to offer, and it is time to open it up to the world.

Targeted goals:

  • Continue securing the southern warzone
  • Ensure all fuel blocks needed for Citadels and EC are produced locally
  • Engage with the militia and get players engaged
  • Secure Devens POCOs