Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FEDUP Command Update YC119.4.11 - Operation Sunbeam

Greetings troops!

This is my first update since joining FEDUP, but boy have we been active.


Our Discord server is working better than ever. We now have two devs working (very-part time) on Discord functionality. All members are expected to go through the registration process: https://aura-for-discord.herokuapp.com/

Additionally, you can join and leave channels now. Three new commands have been added:
!channels shows all channels
!join <channel name> joins a channel
!leave <channel name> leaves a channel

Please use #access-requests channel for these commands.

Recruitment and Membership

With our Alliance fully formed, we need members to fill in our ranks. We need people willing to process new recruits, as well as those willing to help the propaganda department push the corporations agendas and recruitment efforts. If this sounds exciting to you, please contact Ashterothi.

In addition, we may also be shifting people around. We want each corporation in FEDUP to have a strong corporate identity as well as a Alliance mission. We plan to be moving people between corporations in the next while to ensure everyone has the strength and capabilities they need. If you feel that there is a corporation in FEDUP that would be a better home, please bring it up to your command, it will not be seen in a negative light.

Warzone Control and Data Visualization

In addition to our bot devs, we also picked up CRYRS, whose members are exceptional web devs. Their first public offering map.cryrs.org. This allows us to monitor the warzone moment by moment like never before.

As you can see clearly, our objective of taking and holding the southern warzone has been completed, congratulations to all. All people south of Intaki now hold their freedom thanks to your service.

Citadel (and Caldari) Destruction

As it turns out we have gotten very good at killing structures, which is very handy given their importance in the modern EVE. So far the highlight has been the night that we killed two at the same time, part of a larger effort to destroy three Caldari citadels at the same time.

Because of this, and our successful reclaiming of the south, we have a much more subdued Caldari State. This brings up it’s own unique challenges. A Galmil that owns the warzone is a Galmil that ends up getting in trouble, both with themselves, and their neighbors. We have to not only prepare to struggle and fight, but also what to do if we conquer. Our enemy is already struggling to keep up with us, and we are only going to get bigger and stronger.

Operation Sunbeam

Thus, we now announce Operation Sunbeam. We will be launching a two week training incursion into Amarr space. Our goal is to do as much damage to the Amarr infrastructure as we can, but mostly to align ourselves with our Matari allies, and to assess our enemies capabilities.

The objective is to bring ourselves to readiness so that when we conquer the Cal/Gal warzone, we can then make history in launching the very first successful inter-warzone effort. We are not suggesting that every step of the way will be smooth, or even that this goal is obtainable, but we know that our organization will only thrive with clear, ambitious goals, along with dedicated and clever troops in the sky.

The success of Operation Sunbeam will be a key part of our future plans, CCP has made clear that they are uninterested in devoting time to changing lowsec and FW, so we can be confident the rules will remain the same until we force them to change it. Because of this, we can take much bolder moves, and with each of your help we can perhaps not just bring glory to the Federation, but forever etch our names in the stars.