Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dread Our Might

I want to let you all in on a bit of an ongoing project. I honestly hoped it would be further along by now, but we have had some setbacks. This should outline all of what is going on, and maybe we can work together to advance this agenda.

Goal: We want to use Dreads.
Why: We desire to grow to be able to handle some capital situations. In order to truly be successful in this theater, at least some capital capability must be demonstrable.
Additionally, we would like to expand not only our ability to knock down enemy battlements, but also tear down POCOs we that we can continue to enjoy our small POCO empire.

Problems: Dreads are expensive, cumbersome, and risky. People need to know how to fly them, and how to fly with them. They are too expensive to waste, and Sisi is no place to test environments determinant by enemy operations.

Solution: Use Taloses as the subcapital equivalent to Dreads. Move with Taloses with a support fleet, treating them like they are several billion isk Dreads. Conduct POCO bashes with corporation equipment to evaluate readiness to attempt with Dreads.

I purchased 7 new Taloses, using the old Cormanthyr fit, modified to have Higgs rigs, which should allow them to be fully aligned to an exit without moving away from the target. This ended up taking over a week longer than I expected, purchasing supplies from buy orders in Jita is quite time consuming for certain items. Building up capacity to build certain ships ourselves may be of value.

I decided to use the Taloses as corporation assets, assigning them out and checking them back in each fleet. I imagine that this is likely how our capital forces may go, with capitals in reserve to be handed out to pilots who are available at the right time. These Taloses are labeled "Door Knocker " 1-7

Now they are ready to go, however in order to hit the POCOs on Sunday, they have to be reinforced on Friday. This experiment should have at least 12 people (7 Taloses + 5 supporters) to really call it an exercise, and lately we have had some difficulty getting up those numbers.

Additionally heightened pirate presence in the form of FETID has made delicate operations such as this one difficult to execute. Increasing the need for higher numbers.

So there you have it, the project, the whys, and the challenges it is facing. We want to focus more on doing major operations on the weekends, but we need people who can commit to those times. This should be from a combination of recruitment (which we are doing) and communication with our forces to let people know there is a reason to be there (which is what this is).

In the meantime, other projects continue to move forward, and our consideration of capital escalation grows as our wallet does.

Comets From the Sky

Next Tuesday has me excited.

Like stupid excited.

If you haven't been paying attention, here is a quick video to catch you up.

Pumped yet? Allow me to explain why this helps you guys, especially those of you who enjoy our wonderful ship contract system. (and if you don't, you should start)

One of the features is "multi-fit", this comes as the last piece of a puzzle that has been harassing operations of larger organizations for years. With the combination of multi-purchase, named fitting, and multifit it is now easier than ever to fit fleets of ships. 1,000 battlysts? no problem!

So how do we celebrate this wonderful new feature? Comets... lots of them.

A few days ago I put in just under a billion isk worth of buy orders for 50 full fit (New) Primus fit Comets. They should be delivered by Monday. These are for you guys to enjoy, with (effectively) no cost to you. Yay \o/

However, there has been a complication. Comets sell for ~10 million on buys and ~13 million sell in Jita. This seems like a pretty good margin (it is) and as such there are a lot of people putting up buy orders to perform station arbitrage. This makes buying them at the lower value super difficult. The option is to just buy out the Comets at the increased price, but that kinda sucks.

Especially when we can make them.

Welcome to the corps very first LP buyback program!

I successfully purchased 2 Comets at the lower price, this leaves 48 to go. I am canceling those orders and putting up new orders for 48 Incursus and 48 Gallente Gamma Nexus Chips. These combined cost ~ 1.2-1.5 million isk. I will ship those in and put up contracts for these guys basically at cost. Members can pick up the contract, and for 10k LP each, turn them into Comets. You can then sell them back to the corp for 13 million isk each.

This is a buyback at a value of 1.2k isk/lp, which is pretty great.

You have to meet me halfway, I will be putting them up in sets of 5, buy the set, convert them, and sell them back for sweet sweet profit.

Once these are all filled the Comets will be fit up, and sold on contract for 1 ISK each! Like I said effectively free!

I hope you guys like this kind of thing, please give me any feedback and if you have any questions, hit me up in Slack

- Ash

Signal Online

Greetings Fellow Empyrians, I am Ashterothi and this is my blog.

All formalities aside I am constructing this blog as a new project, or rather a new place to put my writings to-and about my time in EVE Online. About a month and a half ago I took on full command of Aideron Robotics, and I think this has gone quite well. However, one of the things we have struggled with was the unreliable nature of the services we once relied on. Because of this we launched and Billy has done, and continues to do, a fantastic job with it.

However, the old forums were where I posted command updates, OPORDs etc. and while not all of that is smart to translate into a blog (OPSEC of course) perhaps SotC addresses, command updates, and new programs we are trying out can be put out through public channels. Additionally, I like to write in general (as many of you know) and as such would like a place to put things about Aideron Robotics, being an FC,  being a acting CEO, etc that I think would be appropriate to publish.

Thus here we are, a new blog for, and about our wonder little group of southern guardians. I hope to use this as a method to provide some interesting content, and to keep all of us informed. Part blog, part corporate newsletter as it were.

Well let's get to it...