Sunday, September 18, 2016

September YC118 Update

Command Update

Greetings team! Time for another update.

The last few weeks has been exceptional for Aideron, we have consistently formed fleets three nights a week, and have frequently supported Gallente Militia efforts. That assistance has not gone unnoticed, and our numbers, professionalism, and willingness to be the damn best logi in the game has been commented upon by many members of Galmil leadership. In fact Aideron is now being invited to the Galmil leadership meetings, something that is totally new as far as I know.

Additionally, our economic machine has continued to churn on at a good clip. We have nearly doubled our purchasing power since Citadels launched. This should give us the monetary power to do what we need to do in face of the massive changes coming.

And make no confusion, the changes coming are massive. With “F2P”, faction warfare is going to be one of the most exciting place for the new Alpha clones, and this gives us something that we haven’t had before: Focus.

Aideron Robotics is a corporation of friends, and the premiere corp for Gallente Alpha clones of all experience levels to engage in objective based Faction Warfare.

Let’s break that down.

Aideron Robotics is a corporation of friends: I fly with you guys because I want to fly with you. Members should get along, and problems are the responsibility of the directorate to stomp out. The biggest value of having an insular group like a corporation is we can decide what parts of the general public and philosophy we don’t like.

Aideron Robotics is the premier corp for Alpha clones of all experience levels: Not all Alphas will be new players, but in FW we may have committed players that just happen to stay Alpha for periods of time. Alpha players fit into our doctrine perfectly, and can be leveraged by us to great effect. Our goal is to not treat Alphas like second class citizens, but have the infrastructure to make life as an Alpha as effortless as possible, so members of all types can focus on the mission objectives. By only focusing on supporting Gallente Alphas, we ensure that we can give them the support they need, and also ensure they are compatible with our fleets.

Aideron Robotics engages in objective based Faction Warfare: With the Alphas coming, I expect to see a massive uptick in FW activity, including Caldari. The draw of the Caracal Alpha is a strong one, and we already have reports of Templis and other Caldari members preparing along similar lines as ours. We focus on objectives within our space, and try as much as possible to give our actions purpose. EVE is a game of purpose, and we should always have an objective, even if that is testing our capabilities.

To the above, we have several goals for prior to November:

  1. Ensure all of Rogue Squadron is up to date, and purge any remaining old fits/contracts and build a compatible set of fits for Alpha clones
  2. Prepare to erect an Engineering Complex ASAP for use as a mass production facility for Alpha equipment
  3. Get our website as far along as possible prior to November
  4. Get our relationship with Galmil to be strong, and get members integrated with the militia.
  5. Formalize our PI process and ensure our PI efforts are to support our Citadel/Engineering Complex construction.
  6. Construct a system that allows us to retain new members, and ensure people don’t slip through the cracks
  7. Ensure our capital forces are sufficient to be able to do some basic maneuvers (finish the Dread tests)
  8. Create a strong Aideron identity, branding, and in station ad.

All of this will take a lot of work, and we have several people doing everything they can already. Now that we have focus, I call upon all our membership to consider how you can help make Aideron into the corporation we all want it to be.

Operations Update

  • FC Commander (Fleet Admiral/Commodores) - Director of Combat - Blastil
  • Logi wing commander - Ninja Spud
  • EWAR wing commander - Open
  • Scout wing commander - Open
  • Operations XO - Huard
  • CFO and hauling management - Baynex + Nyjil
  • POS Manager - Pragantis Florian
  • PI Manager - Vic Vorlon
  • Gallente Affairs (Missioning) - Yoyo
  • Industry Manager - Open
  • Head Diplomat - Open
  • Director of Personnel - Odeva
  • Marketing and Propaganda - Odeva
  • IT Manager: Billy Daniels
  • Senior Instructor - Open

As you can see we have plenty of open positions. We also have several other roles that may or may not have slots for more members.

PI Operators:
Duties: Make PI for our Citadel construction
Requirements: Basic PI skills
Reports to: Vic, Kirith
Channel: #Planetary-interaction

Duties: Figure out what the hell is going on, smooth over FC errors.
Requirements: formal training in Wheaton’s First Law (Don’t be a dick)
Reports to: Ashterothi
Channel: None (Yet)

POS Operator:
Duties: Empty Silos, Stocks POSes daily (they operate in shifts)
Requirements: Industrial (hauler) skills, trust
Reports to: Pragmatis
Channel: Operations

Corp Fitter:
Duties: Use CFO to move things in, fit up doctrine ships, sell on contract
Requirements: time, available ISK for inventory
Reports to: Nyjil
Channel: #corp-fitters

CFO Hauler:
Duties: Move things into and out of the warzone
Requirements: JF pilot, cyno alt, trust
Reports to: Baynex
Channel: #freight-services

Website tools builder
Duties: Build shit for our website
Requirements: web design/development skills
Reports to: Billy Daniels
Channel: #website

Keep an eye on #broadcasts for additional job listings.

Military Update
We’re currently preparing for changes to doctrines as a result of the alpha clone announcements. This is going to require a lot out of our Omega pilots, including our willingness to step into leadership roles in the corp until we can give the requisite skill transfer to alpha pilots to start acting on their own. Additionally we will need to consider that we may have to start covering the specialist roles, while alpha pilots make up a larger and larger bulk of our fleets. Please prepare accordingly.

I strongly suggest that everyone here train into EWAR skills if you haven’t already. Damps and Jams are both going to be necessary moving forward, and one thing we’ve lacked in the past is experienced ECM and Damps pilots. I could really use some more pilots who find this gameplay enjoyable. This means you will need to be able to fly either the Lachesis/Arazu or the Rook/Failcon. In addition we will need new booster pilots to fly in fleets. As more details are available in regards to the fittings, I will keep you informed.

Suggested fittings (this should give you an idea of the skills you’ll need)

Make sure you have a small cache of frigates and such in Rakapas or Nisuwa so we can deploy forward in support of plexing efforts further into Black Rise.

This is a logistics issue, but it affects military readiness: we need to make full effort to provide a whole navy of throwaway T1 frigates. I’m bringing in blueprints and doing materials research on them now to help produce these T1 swarms, but it's going to take coordinated effort from all aspects of Aideron to properly equip these guys. Especially the next few months alphas are going to lack any form of income to help pay for their PVP, and in the meantime we’re going to be providing them as many throwaway T1 frigates as we can to forward the cause.

Warzone Update

The Gallente are preparing a new offensive. Expect to see objectives, and good old plex fighting. In addition, the militia should be testing EU fleets more often, if you can attend these fleets you will be doing a great service not just to Aideron, but the entire Federation.