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Aideron CEO Update Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Aideron!

Here we are at the end of the year, and at these times it is good to reflect on the year past, but more importantly, to look forward to what next year has to offer.

State of Aideron

Just a bit of a brag. We now have over 250 members and routinely hit over 100 members logging in each and every day. Our survey was run last week and the results speak for itselfs: Aideron Robotics is in the best place it has been in it’s history. We are the largest corporation in Gallente Militia, and already December is the most lethal month in Aideron history. While we are doing incredibly well, we have so much room for growth. Our enemies are strong, and we must continue to actively work to rise up to our challenges to ensure the Aideron banner is a lasting rallying place, and truly be the “premier corporation for Gallente Alpha clones.”

As an aside, this is a reminder, the purge is coming once again. You have to log in at least once in the month of December to remain an active member of Aideron (don’t forget to get your presents when you do!

Vlill Defence

Most of the last month has been dominated by the attack on our home system of Vlill. The defense officially kicked off on the 9th and officially ended on the 22nd as Vlill finally succumbed to enemy pressure. Make no mistake, although the State did end up taking the system, this operation was a great victory for us as a corporation.

  • Vlill held for over two weeks of near constant siege, significantly longer than Aivonen (our attack on a Caldari home system.
  • Although Vlill was our primary goal, we also dedicated a lot of our attention thwarting Black Shark Cults efforts in South the in and around Anna, effectively stunting their progress.
  • Aideron Robotics demonstrated tenacity, and effectiveness that far exceeded the militias expectation, this has driven other organizations to have a newfound respect for us.
  • We were proven correct: Keeping structures out of home systems is the single most important factor when it comes to keeping our homes. Our philosophy is being adopted by the other groups within the militia.

Now that the main effort is over, we now see a State bolder than we have ever seen before. Because of that we are consolidating our satellite operations, and ensuring Fliet is the best fortress it can be.

A New Fortress Fliet

With the north on fire, the fortress we have worked hard to maintain has become nearly invaluable for the militia. Although we did lose our Azbel, we have two new structures floating in our space. XMETA, ran by the extremely effective and active Kontraband, has grown respect for us and our operation, and as such they are moving to Fliet to stabilize. The hope is to distribute the workload of keeping our southern holdings secure.

Unusual Allies

For now it appears as if our primary enemies are the State, and Shadow Cartel. Escalating Entropy are one of the most dominant low sec forces in the game, and the Caldari are working hard to ensure close friendships with them. This, in combination with Roy Henry stepping away from primary leadership in the militia, has lead us to rebuilding allegiances with RDRAW, and potentially a new agreement with Snuff.

Once again, our instincts proved invaluable, as our previous neutrality in the Gallente civil war has put us in the unique position to help heal the divide, and strengthen the overall cohesion of the Federation.

While Snuff is not the best ally, we continue to work with 3rd parties in order to grow our network of allies as we move to hang even more structures in our home.

Keeping the War Going

All of this takes ships and isk and work. We have been providing almost all alpha ships at 0 cost to the alphas. While this has so far been sustainable, it may not be if we grow much larger, or gain even more ambitious plans. Because of this, we are shuffling our logistics a little.

Asgard Atrons will continue to be provided for free in all main op centers. If alpha hangers are empty of Asgards, please let staff know so we can restock. In addition to this, we will provide all other in demand fits (including alpha fits) on contract in major stations at a very reasonable cost (5 mil for a Spartan-2-A for example). This allows us to expand indefinitely. If you need ISK I encourage you to work with our LP buy back program, or simply ask in Discord and we can get you the help you need.

What this also means, is we can always use more people helping maintain these contracts and these supplies. These are paid positions. If you are interested please inquire in the #corp-supply channel in Discord.

Additionally, we continue to work on even more exciting ships for you guys, and we are happy to roll out the “Liomos” Maulus class frigate. While the Liomos doesn’t perform well as a solo fighting platform, when combined with a fleet, additional Asgard, or Spartan-2-A frigates, the Liomos can use its superior speed to protect itself, while it’s damps can change the course of battle. Particularly effective when used in groups of small ships, the Liomos sensor dampeners can make our enemies take significantly more time locking our ships, effectively removing that DPS from the field, and preserving our forces long enough to dismantle their forces. Finally, the Liomos as dirt cheep, clocking it at just over 2 million isk, and is flyable with a brand new Alpha clone, with only the SP given for a buddy link.

A New Enemy

While Templis and friends have people busy in the north, a new threat has risen in the South. Black Shark Cult is a new alpha based organization just like us. They have extremely effective recruitment tools, and have been ambitiously gobbling up everything they can in the south. The good news is these are not the hardened pilots of Templis, or even IBLOB, and thus are much easier to thwart. That being said they are learning, and addressing our new enemy head on will be a priority for us in the months ahead. I would love to get some propaganda made about this, as an aside.

Promotions and Awards

We have a new promotion, that I halfway announced at the last meeting. Charun Rynnaw has been promoted to Senior Diplomat, which is a Director level position. Charun, and the other senior leaders are working with me to continue to solidify the structure and roles within the corp. Charun’s specific responsibility is the maintenance of our new allegiances, as well as keeping track of old enemies.

Additionally we have the following awards
Billy - Aideron Commendation Medal (because I am pretty sure I still owe him one)
Joe Median - Aideron Commendation Medal (for his work designing and building the “despratrons”)
Slaiphon - Aideron Commendation Medal (for heroic work during the Vlill defense)
Gimlithedestroyer - Aideron Commendation Medal (for heroic work during the Vlill defense)
Max Kuha - Skill Injector - Aideron Commendation Medal (For winning the kill challenge for the Vlill Defense)

If you feel someone deserves an award, or some form of recognition, please message me.

o7 and Happy Holidays, lets make YC 119 the Year of Aideron.

- Ashterothi, Aideron Robotics CEO, Commanding

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