Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Aideron YC119.1.11 Update - Azbel Online!


Greetings fellow group mates and once again I come to you with great news! As of 2020 NEST on Monday, January 9th YC 119 Aideron Robotics successfully onlined our Azbel Engineering Complex. This, along with the previous anchoring of XMETA’s Fortizar, has greatly increased our capabilities, defensibly, and truly brought truth to the expression ‘Fortress Fliet’. Most of all this also enables us to begin doing our industry in system, specifically the production of capitals.

Make no mistake, this is a move that has been watched by both allies, and enemies, and the time will come where we will need to defend our home. It is the duty of all that bear the AIDER tag to hold the line when that day comes.


While I cannot thank enough all of those who have helped take Aideron from a skeleton corp, to the powerhouse it is growing to be, there are two individuals who have recently stepped up to take on positions of leadership within our corp.

Charun Rynnaw - One of the fastest up-and-comer since Ascension Charun hails from a null background. Originally finding us out of chance, he became curious of our ambition, and now it is safe to say he is wrapped up in it fully. Recently promoted to Director of external affairs, it is clear that his efforts transcend that position. That is why I am promoting him to COO (Chief Operations Officer) the same title I held under Marcel. In this position, he will be overseeing the operations of the corp, and will answer only to me. I firmly believe that Charun is the right hand man I have been searching for, and am proud to have him by my side.

GimlitheDestroyer Durin - Gimli has been a member of Aideron for about a year, and in that time has been a valuable member to the team as a pilot, and as a recruiter. I am happy to say that he has accepted the position as HR Director, and in this position will work to best advocate and work for you. Over the next few weeks he will be getting to know as many members of our find corporation as possible. If you have any questions comments or concerns about your life in Aideron, Gimli will be there to hear and to help.

He is also actively recruiting assistance, herding cats takes several hands.

Jr. FC program - Gimli has also initiated a program called the “Jr. FC Program” designed to allow members interested in trying this role within fleets the ability to gain opportunity and education with minimal risk. We already have a couple of members interested in exploring this program, and hope that it will increase our coverage, and opportunities for all of our membership.

Other Movements

While our military efforts have been a resounding success, and much because of the efforts of our Military Commander Blastil, unfortunately real life prevents him from continuing to fill this role for us. When Blastil accepted this position we were still a corp with roughly 15 active players total and my crazy vision for Ascension. Since then we have ballooned into daily operations, across nearly all timezones, frequently in several locations throughout the warzone.

What this does mean is, as always, Aideron is in need for military leaderships. If you are interested in being an FC, please contact me or Gimli ASAP. In the meantime the Blastil will continue as an FC, and I will take over as functioning military leader.

Operation Shark Fin Soup

After the fall of Vlill, the focus of Aideron Robotics has become the securing of the southern warzone. As such we have chosen three locations to allow us to best project our forces within the south. These systems are our capital of Fliet, and satellites Ouelletta and Ostingele. Operation Shark Fin Soup was initiated last week by Gimli to secure these locations. Phase one, stabilize Ostingele is now complete, and it is time to focus a bit on Ouelletta.

The secondary objective of this operation is to seek out and befriend those loyal to the Federation, who may wish to function as occupants and defenders of these key locations. This operation is ongoing.

All that said, Deven is currently under pressure, and should be stomped down. An enemy foothold in Deven would be very unfortunate, and securing our perimeter should be a high priority. If you receive meaningful opposition, please use Discord to call allies whenever possible.

Aideron LP Exchange

The exchange rate is currently 1200 isk/lp + 100% refund on store fees.

There are no hard numbers for “Total LP exchanged”, but since inception the Exchange has placed 4.7 billion isk into pilot’s hands (this includes the store fees).
A conservative estimate would be that pilots have gained ~3.5 billion isk after accounting for the fee refund, though this is highly dependent on the items exchanged. Store fees refunded could account for anywhere between 2.3 billion (half the total isk handed out) and 360 million.

With this Occator purchased and GalMil still in Tier 1, the hope is to continue increasing the exchange rate. Any changes will be announced through the in-game channel “Aideron LP Exchange” and #Broadcasts.

As a reminder, price quotes are not indefinitely valid, though usually the market will not shift enough to invalidate a quote within a reasonable time-frame.

Future Operations

With the Azbel and Fortizar now online, we have markets that are protected from enemy manipulation. While we were hesitant to move the main operations of Aideron to the Fortizar due to key bugs in the structure contracting system, we believe that those problems will be resolved in the re-deploy of the 119.1 patch. Assuming that goes well, all major operations of Aideron will be moving to the Fortizar Ticonderoga and our other structures.

Expect to see even more structure support in the weeks and months to come. These new assets have become key to our success and opportunities, and already many are jumping on just those opportunities. Andre has been hard at work stabilizing a system of industry, and we continue to work to attract as many ore sellers as possible to our system.

ACTEE continues to be a strong ally of ours, and a leader in the stability of the Actee highsec pocket. As such I encourage all members who are interested in mining efforts to place an alt in their corporation. Remember a bullet built by ACTEE is a bullet in our guns.

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